Paypal + Angular 6

In the last week I told you that, my posts will be short and to the point. So I decided to create a repository to help you integrate one of the famous possibility of paying with one of the best framework to build web applications.


As you can see:

  1. Your buyer clicks on a PayPal button.
  2. The PayPal button calls the PayPal API to set up the payment.
  3. The button starts the checkout flow in the browser.

Link to my repository:

Full tutorial about integration with paypal:


Never say never!

In many programming language we have some basic types: strings, numbers, objects and so on. But a few weeks ago I met type never in typesctipt. So… a couple words about it.

Never is a very specific but also very useful type. We can add typing to the variable, which:

  • never will be using

… wait, what? On the first look it make no sense. But please look at the examples below: Continue reading →